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Always the neck. Jim didn’t know how people knew to go there but the blond swore there was a target there.

He swallowed as he forced his legs to keep him upright, unable to help the tilt of his head to provide more room. A hand slid back in effort to grip the shoulder, feeling it and sliding his digits up to the neck and upwards to trace the shell of the slightly pointed ear.

"…we might get caught if you continue that here," was all he said in a hushed tone. Was the Vulcan in a mood?

He certainly wouldn’t say no.

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She quietly laughed as his body practically wrapped around her, and she tried to follow suit but gave up in the end. 

"I don’t know… just curious I guess." She smiled and gave a little side-glance. "You everything you’ve wished for, Captain?"

He loved this position when he laid with someone. There was something about practically koalaing onto the other, like if he let go too long, they would disappear.

Jim traced what mocha skin he could with a finger and gave a soft noise. “Well…maybe not everything. But I’m certainly content. Besides, you know me. I’m more of a go-getter.”




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He was focused contently on his paperwork. Piles and piles, and he would later be done in… fourty eight hours? God, it was hard to say when he’d be done. All he knew was that he was piled under paperwork.

He focused hard on his papers, flipping away as he worked on and on. 

What he didn’t notice, was his door opening. Nor did he seem to notice the fact that Jim had decided to climb under his desk and pop his head right at his dick. Legs settled, he couldn’t help but jump out of his seat when Jim kissed his crotch. His eyes went wide, his brows furrowing as he grumbled.

"God dammit, Jim! Is there anything you can do that doesn’t involve bothering me!?”

"Fine. Busy like usual." He huffed and gave him a look. It was busy, buy he liked it. That’s what his job was. To work his ass off.

"Lots of people came in for the same reason. But other than that it was good." He sighed. "What about you?"

Softly, he shrugged as he rounded back to the doctor and offered one of the glasses to him.

"Oh, nothing too out of the ordinary for this ship. More paperwork than anything really as of late. I think it’s that cold that’s going around. No one really wants to join in any landing parties unless I force them."

He sat down slowly and looked towards Leonard with a soft sigh. He just hoped he wasn’t putting off any air of awkwardness.

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∟ 8. Trying to sleep and failing horribley

The ship is groaning and creaking and swaying, and Leonard hates it, despises it. He feel seasick, like if he tries to stand he’s going to either fall over or vomit, or maybe both. He’s not sure which is worse, having his eyes open or shut, but staring at the ceiling isn’t doing him any good and he can’t sleep; he’s been trying for an hour now. He sighs, turning onto his side, and when he whispers his voice is just low enough so that if he really is asleep, he won’t wake him.

                    “Jim, darlin’—- you awake?”


With that, he fell silent and continued his silent affection. In some way, he felt bad about the whole thing. Bones’ phobia made him feel guilty in times like this but he still couldn’t understand why he put up with it.

Leonard gave him a small smile. Honestly, he was feeling a little better, as long as he could focus on Jim rather than the ship itself. No doubt the rocking would stop soon, but until then, he needed to have something else to focus on.

"Thanks, Jim."

A soft hum gave the man’s acknowledgement as he continued to give soft and what he hoped was comforting touches. He couldn’t help but worry a bit over Bones, now that they were one a hunk of metal in space. Their meeting on the shuttle had been stressful enough for the brunet.

"…well, if you’re not tired…tell me a story about your childhood. Anything at all."

(Blind!Jim) "Look, I know ya don't wanna hear anymore medical jargon. Hell, ya might not even want condolences..." Bones sat down gingerly beside Jim and set a hand lightly on his knee. He was schooled in giving bad news to people, it came with the job. But he'd never gotten the hang of it when it came to people he cared about. The pain and worry fell too close for him to manage the regular commentary. "Whatever ya do want, M' here. M' always here."



My muse has been in an accident, leaving them permanently blind. What does your muse say when they see mine?.

A shaky hand slid over the hand that touched his knee once the urge to jump out of surprise. He couldn’t see it, which took him a moment to fight the welling freak out that wanted out so bad.

All he did was just nod and slightly rocked himself back and forth. Jim didn’t regret what he had done, but this was a lot to take in. Never able to see…anything, ever. Things would change, people would treat him different…

He let his head hang, only able to feel the pinpricks of tears in his eyes.

Bones gave an incredulous look, then realized he was going to have to change how he chided his friend. Not a problem, he had a sharp enough tongue to get the job done. He gave a chuff of indignation. “Like I believe ya wouldn’t jump inta black hole t’ follow m’ just cause ‘t sounded fun. I ain’t under th’ impression yer gonna let ‘m have a borin’ life. Lost that hope 2nd year ‘f academy.”

The words caused the blond to smile just a fraction more. There was truth in that, he knew. “Aw, Bones…and here I thought you were having fun.”

There was a miniature spark of the usual captain in those words before something seemed to cross his mind. With only a moment of hesitation, the younger male took a deep breath before he shakily moved to stand. A hand kept a hold onto the bed but he straightened and turned his head, actually taking in the sounds of Medbay.



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