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The words made the captain pause and turn curious blues right back to her. For a moment, he only studied her with a uncertain air and really took her in.

She was a beauty, there was no questioning that in his mind. After all, he did try to make a move back in that dive bar. Jim would also admit she had one of the best ways of deflecting him that night as well. It had made him even more curious about her.

"…but…I mean, are you sure? This is still the country bumpkin you know," Jim finally replied, his usual charm and humor slipping through in attempt to keep it smooth.

Regarding him, Uhura raised an eyebrow and wondered vaguely if it had been a bad idea to tell him that. And then she thought about it longer, studied him harder. He had learned, he had grown. He had the elements of the reckless boy she’d met back in that bar certainly, but now he was…more.

"You’re not who you used to be." She said it as simply as she could, without blurting out everything she wanted to, "Believe it or not Captain, and I’m only going to say this once, I think you’ve matured. You’re not a kid looking for a fight anymore. Not like you used to be."

TheThe longer that she stared and thought, the more the blond started to fidget. He supposed this was why they warned never to look a gift horse in the mouth, but it seemed almost suspicious that the woman would blurt something like that out.

"….yeah?" He couldn’t help but allow the corners of his mouth to turn upwards at the roundabout praise she just gave. He could take that.

"Well, if that’s the case, how about just a meal and chat? Drinks only if you’d like in my quarters…no funny business unless you want, of course."

Jim had realized the suggestion could’ve been taken incorrectly only after it slipped past his lips. The attempted save didn’t sound better either. He could only hope she knew what he meant.

All night long



∟ 8. Trying to sleep and failing horribley

The ship is groaning and creaking and swaying, and Leonard hates it, despises it. He feel seasick, like if he tries to stand he’s going to either fall over or vomit, or maybe both. He’s not sure which is worse, having his eyes open or shut, but staring at the ceiling isn’t doing him any good and he can’t sleep; he’s been trying for an hour now. He sighs, turning onto his side, and when he whispers his voice is just low enough so that if he really is asleep, he won’t wake him.

                    “Jim, darlin’—- you awake?”

He shrugged his shoulders, and gave a small smile. “Pretty active. I played baseball. ‘n I was always out of the house when I was little. I wanted to be a doctor, sure, but I wanted to be an explorer too, for a little while. We had a hell of a lot of land- I used to take one of the dogs out, Jess, ‘n go exploring with her in the fields out back.”

He gave a small smile at the memory, but it wasn’t always a good thing. He almost got heat stroke once for staying out too long in the sun, and he gave himself a nasty cut once when he fell, but otherwise, he had fun. He kind of likes talking about his childhood; his childhood was happy. It was everything after that that ruined him. 

"…Adorable," he murmured after a minute of Bones speaking. He couldn’t help it, it just was a cute mental image. The usually grumpy man as some bright, smiling ray of sunshine with dirt on his nose. Although he was a bit sad when he came to the conclusion that all changed, Jim refused to call it pity.

"What was your favorite adventure then?"